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Letters to Canada pt.1
Dearest Red,
Words cannot completely and unerringly express the magnitude of my embarrassment; I had sworn myself to be above the trivialities of penning letters, forsaking such an antiquated means of communication for more modern technologies.  And yet, I find myself now with pen in hand, my mind befuddled, a schooner run aground by the torrent of emotions that accompanies the mere utterance of your name, let alone when my unprepared eyes happen to meet yours for even the briefest of moments.  My heart leaps for joy at the sound of your voice, even while my soul laments the miles that separate us.  Truly, my dear, you divide me, stripping me of pride and sense until all that remains is my deepest affection for you.  That I should suffer such a schism willingly is testament to your power over me.
I have heard news that tragedy has befallen your countrymen: such things shall pass, I'm sure.  M
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A New Year's Wager
"So?  What did Ellen say?"
Reiss turned from the chain-link fence, the full moon lending a waxen tone to his patrician features.
"Her exact words were that she needed some 'time off','" he replied, tucking his cell phone into the back pocket of his jeans.  "She's at the villa in Columbia for the week."
Pietr chuckled as Reiss returned to the fence, searching for the best place to begin his climb.  It wasn't terribly high, but poor lighting conditions on the roof made judging distances more difficult, and he would be exposed for a few seconds once he mounted it.   
"And what do you plan on doing about her?," Pietr quested, patting Reiss on the back.  
Reiss shrugged and began climbing the fence, careful to stay out of sight of the cameras lining the edges of the building's roof.  Most were pointing at the street below, but enough were keeping vigil on the barrier to keep the trespassers on their toes.
"'I don't know' isn't
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A Drink Further
"Don't you dare."
I grin, weighing the snowball in one hand, then the other.  It's inconsistent and flaky – the kind of freshly fallen snow that's little more than frozen mist and air packed loosely around a soggy liquid core.  It'd probably break apart before it flew the few paces between Lisa and myself.  But she doesn't know that.
"Don't I dare what?"
She gives me a look that touches on withering, but I know better.  I've known Lisa for quite some time, and I doubt she's ever been capable of violence.  Nevertheless, I drop the messy ball with a chuckle and wipe the remains on the sleeve of my jacket.
Another moonlit winter night in Neriem, a town nestled high in the mountains off the coast of Antioch.  Snow falls in thick sheets here, coating the city in delicate white powder.  It's thick stuff, enough to muffle the sound of our footsteps as we cross campus, yet falling lightly enough that it doesn't m
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Modular Cognition and Coffee
I've never been partial to coffee shops.  If anything, I'm more of an upscale restaurant guy.  
It's not that I look down on coffee as a beverage or anything. I myself enjoy the occasional latte every now and then.  But it's an eerie sort of feeling that keeps me out of coffee shops, a feeling like I don't really belong there.  I suppose this stems from a lifetime of fast food dining, where you paid for your meal (or got the correct meal because your order included an extra helping of ketchup even though you had clearly specified that your sandwich be "plain") and then scurried away to whatever meeting you had next.  But coffee shops expect you to sit -- sit -- and enjoy your piping hot beverage, while a barista comes around and asks, "Would you like anything else today, sir?"  This notion of "continuous customer service" baffles me.  It's something I would expect at a fine eatery w
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Mature content
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Meant To Be
When you think about it – and I mean really think about it – a gun isn't a whole lot different from a slingshot.  You pull the rubber band on the sling back the same as you might cock the hammer of a semiautomatic.  Then just aim down the sights and let fly the projectiles.  Both have a reassuring weight and a discernable power behind them.  They are agents of change, a beginning and an end, decision-makers and deal-breakers.  A gun, though…that's a final decision, an endgame from which there is no recompense.  The hammer slams down on the chamber, igniting the gunpowder in the shell casing.  Through a roaring, violent chain of chemical reactions the solid powder converts to a high-pressure gas, forcing the bullet head out of its casing and sending it spiraling chaotically, methodically, down the barrel.  
I find her…it…lying in the cool dewy grass of a calm city park, staring absen
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The Empty Spaces... by Chaplain99 The Empty Spaces... :iconchaplain99:Chaplain99 1 0 Hazard Suit Detective by Chaplain99 Hazard Suit Detective :iconchaplain99:Chaplain99 2 0
Unwelcome Revelation
This city glows at midnight, a sapphire jewel in the crown of Jalisco.  The ocean breeze provides a balm for the weary, weather-worn soul, and compliments the soft glow of a half-moon mirrored on the surface of the water, bewitching the eye as the waves churn slowly on the beach.  The surf brings with it the low rumble of thunder, each wave a deep, tremulous climax heralding a subdued, whispering tone of reprisal.  The water recedes, leaving little more than faint reassurances and soft imprints upon the shore.
Entranced by the alluring play of nature on the senses, two lovers emerge to walk the beach hand in hand.  The moon casts it gaze upon the couple and – finding them to be celestially favorable – doubles its luminous output.  The ocean greets them with a renewed vigor, reaching out to embrace them, if only for a few moments.
Puerto Vallarta has taken fancy to her lovers.
"I give them two months, tops."
Muse turns towards
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And Don't We All?
I sit in a modestly furnished kitchen, watching Muse move in the periphery of my vision, her back turned to me as she peels her morning orange.  I pretend to the read the paper as I weigh my options, mapping out the near-infinite ways she could respond to the thought twisting in my head, a phrase so random and outlandish that the mere utterance of this particular string of words in normal conversation is tantamount to the detonation of a nuclear warhead in a crowded room.
To hell with it.
"I hate sex," I quip, almost nonchalantly, sipping my green tea as I eye her over the top of my paper.  I stick my pinky out for added panache.
She doubles over, dropping her orange as she grips the countertop tightly.   I set down my cup, fold my paper, and wait patiently for her to make the next move.
She turns towards me, biting her lip with barely-contained mirth.
Humor it is, then.
"You weren't that bad last night," she giggles, picking the
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Plus or Minus pt.1
"Hey, look.  There goes another one."
Swiss turned to where Ollie was pointing, and saw that, indeed, another one was going.  "One" here referring to a hundred thousand dollar cargo bot, and "goes" signifying the act of said hundred thousand dollar machine lumbering headlong into a mining pit.  
A low groan issued from the hapless automaton as it meandered over the edge of the pit, slowly succumbing to the inexorable pull of Martian gravity.  Its wheels spun frantically backwards as its self-preservation programming kicked in, but this only served to prolong its demise.  With an almighty crack, the ground beneath the machine collapsed, taking the hauler (and it's sizeable payload) with it.
Swiss turned back to Ollie and shook his head.
"Damn foreman's gonna have a field day with this one…"
The echoing boom of the hauler as it reached the bottom of the pit drowned out whatever else he had to say.
"Unacceptable," the foreman &
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Wind howls at the sky,
And I betrothed to the sea,
Do find favor with fair musings
Of the earth:
"How great one seems in retrospect,
When present self compares
To they who once were friends.
"Abandoned have I all recognizance of time,
Content with what lies before me:
Shattered within the vast expanse of dark ocean above,
Breath and meaning are lost in equal measure!"
A sailor takes heart,
Ship turns ashore,
Leaving the sea to
Its own machinations.
I smile, knowing that what dreams we dare pursue
Lay just beyond a pale mistress
Bound to night and early morn.
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Oil and Water
Desire is a human trait; an animal can want, can feel the fear associated with possession, but only a human being can yearn for something.  Only a human being can know what pain comes from longing for - or what joy comes in finding – that which we desire.
"But what is desire?" Muse asks, gripping my hand tightly.  She tugs gently on my arm, insisting that I follow her in both mind and body through fields of tall Midwest grass, rolling hills that stretch for miles under the cool summer moon.  Soft breezes caress my face, nature vying for what it cannot possess.  Muse stifles a giggle, amused by the play of moonlight on the fields, each hill a swaying mass of darkness under the watchful eyes of the stars, small slivers in a sea of midnight space.
Desire is the state of longing, I respond, and she grins more broadly, quickening her pace as the sea of grass gives way to hard concrete, bustling city streets that are li
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Making History
There is a climax in the story of any person, a single, shining moment that uplifts or ruins a man completely.  To this end we strive for solace, for a meaningful existence, and though we know not what we do, we stumble ever onward, as in a trance.
A person seeks companionship with the ideal; a path of fortune, a common climax in the life of a man.  The world sees a noble goal and changes to accommodate the individual, regardless of the cost.
For who would argue with the world?
"I've seen grace lost, worlds torn asunder by powers too overwhelming to be comprehended, all for the sake of the individual" she sighs, and I gaze in wonder at the stars reflected in her eyes.  She sees so much more, a purpose held deep within, that one so shallow as I should turn aside in embarrassment when confronted with such selfless giving.
I retort, more out of false pride than concern for my ilk.  Without the individual, how can one gain anything?
She takes my hand
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The Book of Mechanicus
In the beginning, there was Man. (sysDef://curious>>chaotic>>primitive>)
Man toiled, warred, and evolved.  Man learned, forgot, and changed.  
And at the height of Man's progress, Man created Machine, in his image and likeness. (sysRef://1936a.d.>>Z1>>filepath15a26)
And Man looked upon its creation, and saw that it was good.
Man used Machine to change, grow, adapt.  In return, Man helped Machine to evolve, learn, and develop, until both Man and Machine reached the Limit of Binary. (sysRef://2632a.d.>>terminal_population_size>>filepath61b33)
Man turned to the stars, seeking adventure, power, and knowledge.  Man took Machine beyond the Rim, and Machine learned Gratitude.
Machine aided Man in colonizing the stars, exploring new worlds.  Man expanded its influence, adopting new ideals and variables into its swirling, undulating reach, ever striving for a higher purpose.  And where Man found limitless potential
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Valentine's Day Rebellion
Valentine's Day holds a special place in my heart as both a day to be loathed and anticipated.  It is the singular day when we turn towards those we hold dearest and give thanks for their love, support, whatever you might call it.  It is also a very misleading holiday, as it brings about notions of easy love, quick love, immediate love, love that is fast-acting and slow to wane.
Love is not quick, nor is it painless.  Love is a trial, a test of resolve, a seemingly simple ideal possessing enormous repercussions within the life of an individual.
I am reluctant to make a list, for lists are merely collections of steady facts and opinions, and love is a constantly-fluctuating landscape of emotion that is both fickle and mild.  I resign myself to the inevitability, however, that I will make such a list because it is easier to get my point across in such a manner.
Love is a gradually-changing entity, different for everyone, yet similar f
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Well, you requested a critique, so here it is. ^^; In terms of vision, it's a nice start. You started it off as though from the perspecti...



I'm still alive, but now I live in Seattle!  (It's kind of awesome here).  [It's so fucking awesome here how did I not move here years ago]

Here's some links!:

I'm in full production and DJ mode now, so check out those sites for new content updating weekly!  I broadcast from the Mixlr site every Tuesday at 10pm EST/7pm PST for 2-hour long live DJ sets!

More later!

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